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Start page Amiga Future #167 - preview | A preview edition of the English and German Amiga magazine Amiga Future is now available. In this edition: Passione Amiga Day 2023, Michael Kafke (ASM Game), Jari-Matti Rally, The last Dungeon, Adventure 1 & 2, Jack the Pit, Spheroid, Ami-H.E.R.O., Stuntman Seymour, Board Game vs Amiga: Darts, FS-UAE 3.1, Frotz, Santa's Workout III - Silent Night, Denise - ITX Amiga 500, Amiblaster Clockport Edition, Review Pi Storm #2, PHP 8 & MySQL, Soil, Knight Chips and Dynamic websites with PHP. Retro Commodore | The web page has many high-quality scans available for the Commodore user. The latest additions are: Visa MC 8521/8522 Monitor Schematics, KS Electronik Preisliste, More 8-bit Adverts, Misc Adverts, Amiga CD32 Tekniske Specifikationer, Amiga Info - CD32 and Midtjydsk Commodore Klub. StatMat's Vidz - NFC-loader C64 | You can now watch a new video from the StatMat's Vidz YouTube channel. In this video the new NFC Loading System on the TeensyROM using a real Commodore C64 computer. This project is inspired by the TapTo project for the MiSTer. Rave v1.7 - AmigaOS4 | Rave is a sound editor for AmigaOS4-compatible computers, developed by Daniel Jedlicka. The features are: Modern GUI, tabs, asynchronous operations, clipboard, plugin-system and support for many audio file types and formats. Castle Quest - C64 | Castle Quest is a new text adventure game for the Commodore C64 computer, developed by Richard J. Derocher. In the game you must rescue the kidnapped princess. Amigos: Everything Amiga | You can listen to new episodes of the Amigos: Everything Amiga podcast: The Faery Tale Adventure - The Definitive Review, Lemmings - A complete review of the definitive Amiga puzzle game and Indianapolis 500 - The Amiga's Crown Jewel of Racing. Tozsde BET verzio - Plus/4 | Tozsde BET verzio is a Stock-Market game for the Commodore Plus/4 computer (Hungarian language). MCG improved the original game, and is now more enjoyable to play. Wolfgang Kierdorf - C64X | A new YouTube video from Wolfgang Kierdorf is now available. In this episode, Wolfgang is taking a look at the Commodore C64X. The Commodore C64X is a modern version of the Commodore C64 computer, with a PC-motherboard inside. Flashtro | On the web page you can see many cracker intros within your browser. The original intros from the Amiga, Atari-ST, Dreamcast, PC, Playstation etc. are converted to the browser. The most recent flashtro's are: Hellfire - DNA and Invisible Crime - Fresh Food. Commodore Free #98 | A new edition of the Commodore Free magazine is now available. In this edition the following: Editorial, Review of the 1541 Ultimate MK 2, A pioneer of the Home Computer industry, News, A Rough, and Ready Guide to Command on the Commodore range of machines, Sonic the Hedgehog C64 review, Review the sentinel C64 and A dark start to Run/Stop Restore by Lenard R. Roach. WHDLoad | WHDLoad offers a way to play Amiga diskette games from your hard disk. New: Spectral, Panacea, Batman Rises and Breakthru. Update: Darkside, Wonderboy, Breakthru, Captured Dreams and Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers. Retrobits - C64 repair | A new video from the YouTube channel Retrobits is now available. In this video the repair of a Commodore C64 computer. Petmate 9 - PC | Petmate is a cross-platform PETSCII drawing program that was developed by Janne Hellsten. This version is developed by wbochar, and he has made some bugfixes and is adding new features. Nordischsound | Ben from the Nordischsound YouTube channel is making SID music on the Commodore C64 computer. The latest addations are: Nordischsound - Where Nostalgia Thrives, Tetris Recoded - Swan Lake, Nordischsound - Kumite, Super Mario RPG - The Road is Full of Dangers, Tetris NES Tune A and Tetris Gameboy Tune A. SonosController - Amiga | SonosController lets you control your Sonos speakers from any Amiga connected to the same network. SonosController is developed by Michael Rupp, and the features are: Network search, Grouping, Control commands: Play, Pause, Next, Shuffle, etc. Display the title, artist and album, playlists and much more. TheRetroChannel - C64 Kernal-switcher | Mark Sawicki has made a new video for his YouTube channel. In this video, Mark builds, installs and demonstrates a Kernal switcher in a Commodore C64 computer, that can contain up to 4 different Kernals. HexSee v1.1 - AmigaOS 4 | HexSee is a hex viewer that displays a file contents in blocks of 16 characters per line. The features are: File size max is 4 GB, buffer size is 128 KB, configure your text and background colours and support for scroll-wheel mouse. Return #56 | Return magazine is a German printed magazine for classic computers and consoles. In this edition: It came from the Desert, Sea of Stars, The NewZealand Story, The Legend of Dragoon, xStation & Fenrir, Below the Root, Alice in Wonderland, Kautzner Computer Museum, Basically BASIC, Reshoot Proxima 3, Nihon Falcom, The Art Of The Box, Gameshows, Homebrew Soundkarten and Monkey Ball. The Retro Hour - Ali Motisi | The Retro Hour is a professional Podcast made by Dan Wood & Ravi Abbott. The Retro Hour aims to help the world understand the European gaming industry. In this episode: Ali Motisi, the mastermind behind Full Void and the founder of Out of the Bit. Double Tap - C64 | Double Tap is a new game for the Commodore C64 computer, developed by Iceout. The game is only 250 bytes in size. AmiFox v0.6 - Amiga | AmiFox is a web browser for the classic Amiga computer. AmiFox uses a virtual Chrome browser on a server that is remote controlled by AmiFox sending back images of the webpage and processing mouse clicks and key strokes. Pentad - Retro SDDM Logins | Pentad added 25+ new Commodore 64 and Amiga Linux SDDM Logins. They are now animated as opposed to being static before. There are also three Atari ST ones too. All the SDDM logins are free to use. Roadshow v1.15 - Amiga | Roadshow is an Amiga TCP/IP stack allows you to connect to the Internet, access your e-mail, web pages, chat, etc. It can also help you access and exchange files within your local home network. Roadshow is one of the fastest, if not the fastest Amiga TCP/IP stack. The Commodore PocketPET | Rob Jett developed the Commodore PocketPET. This retro computer is based on The C64 Mini computer. He added a 3.5 inch (ca. 8.9 cm) HDMI LCD screen, PAM 8403, Rii mini wireless keyboard, LiPo battery, USB hub, speakers and a 3D-printed case. AmiGemini - Amiga | AmiGemini is a browser for the Gemini protocol developed by Karl Jeacle. Changes in this version: Support for the Nex protocol and catalog files for Español, Français and Svenska. FREEZE64 - 65 | FREEZE64 is a fanzine for Commodore 64 gamers and hackers. In this edition: Rocky Memphis is back, 3D Lunattack, Out on a Limb, Test Match, Zombie Calaver Prologue, Radius, Puzznic, Space Gun, Bobby Bearing, Fairlight, Asteroid Death Ship, John Rowlands, Grab-a-Crab and Inbread - Karl Hörnell. HippoPlayer 2.60 - Amiga | A new version of the Mod-Player: HippoPlayer for the Amiga computer is available. This program is developed by Kari-Pekka Koljonen. Changes in this version: MHI output, MPEGA, playback timer, sample data,14-bit mode and reSID output mode. C64Studio v7.7 | C64 Studio is an assembly development environment which is dependent on VICE. You can write assembly code and test this with the VICE emulator. In this version, support for Z80 and 68k. Improvements for Clipboard, Charset export, Disassembler, BASIC variable listing, !fi, SID, Binary Editor, Sprite editor, XC-BASIC, !text, ACME, C64Ass, File Manager, TASM and the BASIC-editor. AmiDuke - Amiga | AmiDuke is a game for the Amiga computer. The game is based on the old Atari/Amiga ports of Duke Nukem 3D with some newer features from Chocolate Duke added for extra flavour. Requirements: AGA Amiga, 68060 CPU and 32 MB of RAM. SID Toolbox - PC | SID Toolbox is an online editor for commodore C64 .sid files, developed by Stello Doussis. You can easily edit any existing .sid files by dragging and dropping them into the interface, or you can create a new .sid file. WinUAE 5.2.0 | A new version of WinUAE is now available. New or updated in this version: MacroSystem DraCo, Picmatic Marbella Vice, American Laser Games, Genlock, Retina Z2 / Z3, S3 Trio64 PCI RTG, A2410, NTSC mode, Disk swapper,68020+ interrupt, Copper, Dark mode, DMA, Game ports, 68040 MMU, CyberVision 64/3D, Ateo Pixel 64 and UAE AHI. Epictronics - 1541 inisde a PC | You can watch a new video from the Epictronics YouTube channel. In this episode: Adding a real Commodore 1541 disk drive to your PC.